Services & Rates

  • Rosy Smiley Equestrian Price List 2016


    Full Training 5x a week                                                                                   $500

    (horses in full training receive full care: blanketing, turnout, holding for vet and farrier, feeding of supplements)

    Partial Training 3x a week                                                                             $350

    Individual session 1x                                                                                       $50

    Exercise ride 1x                                                                                                 $40


    2x a week                                                                                                            $350

    1x a week                                                                                                            $200

    Individual                                                                                                            $50

    Individual services

    Lunging                                                                                                                $15

    Turnout                                                                                                                $5

    Holding for vet or farrier                                                                               $10

    Coaching at shows                                                                                           $50/day (discount for multiple days)

    Hauling                                                                                                                 TBD

    Sales and Commission                                                                                   %10 of sale price

    This includes marketing of the horse on social media, setting viewing appointments, riding or showing said horse during appointments, and handling all communications and contracts between potential buyers and sellers. Horse must be in some sort of training or exercise program approved by Rosy and the Consigners.


    Rosy Smiley

    (831) 359 1459

  • Pacific View Ranch

    Price List

    Effective 9/1/16

    Basic Board

    Box Stall Barn                                                                                                                     $450

    Mare Motel Stall 12 x 24                                                                                                     $450

    Pasture                                                                                                                                $375

    Includes: cleaning 1x/day, feeding 2x/day, shavings as needed, use of facility


    Optional Boarding Services

    Feeding lunch (owner provided supplements)                                                   $30/month

    Feeding lunch (cubes stable provided)                                                                   $60/month

    Blanketing (both on and off, or half for one)                                                       FREE SPECIAL PROMOTION (does not apply to intermittent blanketing)

    Turn out one time                                                                                                           $5

    Turn out 2x/week                                                                                                            $40

    Turn out 3x/week                                                                                                            $60

    Turnout 5x/week                                                                                                             $80

    Turn out daily                                                                                                                    $100


    Additional Services

    Standing for vet/farrier/chiro                                                                                     $10

    Body clipping                                                                                                                     $150

    Facility Use Fees

    Daily haul in                                                                                                                        $15